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You can write down thoughts about your new beginning here. A little manifesto, a statement, an encouraging sentence ...

Tell the world that you are starting something new. Connect your new beginning with the thoughts of other people. Have faith in your path and the power of change!

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The newmoon pinboard

I will renew the relationship between me and Paul with love and friendship

Bonita Miller |


Newness wears away- that's why it is important to begin renewal every day, even momentarily- The New You is not the same as the old You...and every life provides another opprtunity for renewal...namaste

Vicky |


May this be the beginning of a TRUE spiritual and bodily healing for me! May I connect simply and transparently with the universe!

Mimellia |


May the new moon usher in the feelings of grounded awareness and serene expectation.

Pamela |


Everything that is gross or physical is going through the process of entropy or degradation. This includes our own physical body. This we cannot reverse even though scientist continue to try. What we can improve on is the quality of our thoughts. How we see the world each day as we awake older. How we help to influence the world around us, to lift itself as we become weaker. How we lead the masses towards a more enlightened path as our physical eyes loses it's clarity.
Our purpose therefore is to leave the world with a more energized strategy towards a better quality of life as we die.

Jawaharlal Mewahlal |


Finally have full knowledge and peace to close the book with George once and for all and I'm SO excited for a new start!

Sarh |


I am the generative source of my own experience.

Alaira |


I will remember all the people I have been and all the people I wish to be.

Melanie Canada |


Love is all you need

Jennifer |



MynameisLOVE |


With the effective 3 new moons in Leo, may I ride out with the tide, and set up a new life. Blessing to all.

Gita |


Let me leave behind blame and lack of compassion for myself and for others who I have judged as harshly as I have judged myself unmercifully. Let me be a channel for healing light.

Sinead |


No need to repeat the past. You can be happy.

Cindy |


I will change for the better in every way possible.

Eileen |


May the creators of these pages , Pat & Jörg , know how inspirational and life affirming their shared information and insights are. Thank you.
I affirmed by the light of the New Year's Moon in India that my 48th year would be one of regaining control of my health ... I am feeling stronger each month x

Ben |


May the new moon usher in hope, peace and serenity for all x

Sarah |


I would like to be healed of all abruse and to be more forgiving of those who hurt me in the past.

Marion Harris |


The start of a new beginning in my 60th year, a new adventure, a year of expansion, new horizons and new growth, I embrace all the change and challenge!

Helena |


This begins my 60th year on Earth. I would like to be the best Mili I can be this year!!

Mili |


The end of my inability to express, to write, and to complete my book. The end of my inability to connect to the universe. The end of uncertainty, of a sense of 'not belonging to the universe.' The end of fear.

Moana Lua |