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The newmoon pinboard

Hi. After 27 years working for a family business, I am changing jobs...same career just a different industry: kinda scary but I'm excited for a change!

Faith |


I begin to call out to my Soul and to transcribe exactly the messages that I receive in return. I realise I have not listened enough to the pulsing of my soul and have overridden Her guidance many times. I now set out on the path of rectifying this. I embark on a visionary journey across the dark, mountainous landscape and see above me my soul shining bright, soooo yearning for me to adore her and to follow...follow...where she is leading.

Emma |


Today I will start to concentrate on all the things I have to be grateful for and not let my regrets take over my thoughts.

Joan Marie |


Start believing in myself and commit to my Metaphysical studies...

Leana |


Live in the present, live in Love, Joy and Peace.

Stefan |


Let new moon brings internal happiness, peace, real association with family. Which can only be real pleasure. Love, prosperity, peace all in abundance

Rajiv Krishan Babbar |


Loving myself more and finding the way back to the spiritual life. Blessed be!!!

Gilraeni |


Learning to play the organ for the blessing and healing of the world.

Mistea1 |


From now onwards I will focus on abundant health on every level. Since my baby was born I realise the importance of good health to be able to be in a good space to bring him up. My health is my priority & self love is the key

Dee De |


May I learn to serve the Lord more obediently and love the qualities I have to give back to my husband and the hurting world. Help heal those suffering

Thankful for all I have

Laura Jones |


I'm starting with a renewed spirit and a positive creative outlook on life, love,family, learning, growing and health. I will nurture my positive energies and learn how to use them with reiki for healing and balance.

Jaime Johnson |


Starting to look for a new relationship a new beginning. A new beginning, a new chapter in my life filled with love, peace,happiness, joy, health and new hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Sandyo |


Starting a New Business, showing to myself if I want I can.

Silverain |


to become more tolerante and patient. Also to be more spiritual and find the time for meditation.

Elaine |


Thought increases speed of living perception. Live and love every present so that we see each other by enlonging time perception.

Joy Fulfillment

Yourself |


I no longer allow myself to be pulled off course by other people's dramas. I shield myself from other people's emotions.

Jane |


A new CD inspired by everybody's thoughtforms is cooking! And coming out soon! Death Keeper's :) And lets always try to give the good feel to every action.


Toñín Maties |


Striving for better attitude going forward.

George |


I will be starting to write a new book soon. I hope for enlightenment and the self-confidence to complete it!

Lucy |


My happiness does not depend on how I demand things to be. I Let Go of Expectations. I am Free ❤️

Karin |