The new moon pages

These pages are dedicated to the new moon and the "new beginning", the new that invigorates and creates our life.

Starting something new lies within human nature. We search and we find. The new fascinates and attracts us. At the same time it jolts the fortresses of our habits. In order to draw strength that carries us through change, the consciousness helps that there is something inside of us, which will always be present and never wither …

The new moon calendar

The next new moon will be:
Monday * 20 February 2023 * 8:05:49 am
Central European Time (CET)

Here you find a summary of the new moon data for 2023:
The new moon calendar 2023

New moon calendar

The new moon memo – a free service

Informing and inspiring
We will send a reminder e-mail one to two days before the new moon. This service is already being enjoyed by more than 6,000 happy users!

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New moon memo

The new moon knowledge

Why and how come?
Here you find some information around the non-visible Moon.

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New moon knowledge

The new moon links

Surfing the Internet
A small collection of links about this topic that are worthwhile to click.

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New moon links

The new moon pinboard

Thoughts for the new beginning
Here everyone can write down a sentence about their new beginning.

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New moon pinboard

A few words about us

All a'round the moon
Who does not know us yet from our full moon pages, can learn more about us here …

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