The new moon calendar 2023

The next new moon will be:
Sunday * 18 June 2023 * 6:37:07 am
Central European Summer Time (CEST)
Moon sign: Gemini 26° 43'

In other time zones:

WellingtonSunday18 June 20234:37:07 pm (NZST)
SydneySunday18 June 20232:37:07 pm (AEST)
TokyoSunday18 June 20231:37:07 pm (JST)
BeijingSunday18 June 202312:37:07 pm (CST)
BangkokSunday18 June 202311:37:07 am (ICT)
DelhiSunday18 June 202310:07:07 am (IST)
DubaiSunday18 June 20238:37:07 am (GST)
MoscowSunday18 June 20237:37:07 am (MSK)
BerlinSunday18 June 20236:37:07 am (CEST)
LagosSunday18 June 20235:37:07 am (WAT)
LondonSunday18 June 20235:37:07 am (BST)
RioSunday18 June 20231:37:07 am (BRT)
SantiagoSunday18 June 202312:37:07 am (CLT)
New YorkSunday18 June 202312:37:07 am (EDT)
Mexico CitySaturday17 June 202310:37:07 pm (CST)
CalgarySaturday17 June 202310:37:07 pm (MDT)
Los AngelesSaturday17 June 20239:37:07 pm (PDT)
AnchorageSaturday17 June 20238:37:07 pm (AKDT)
HonoluluSaturday17 June 20236:37:07 pm (HST)

New moon data 2023

Here you can see the calendar with the exact date and time at a glance:

Saturday21 January 20239:53:13 pm 
Monday20 February 20238:05:49 am 
Tuesday21 March 20236:23:07 pm 
Thursday20 April 20236:12:30 am [H]
Friday19 May 20235:53:15 pm 
Sunday18 June 20236:37:07 am 
Monday17 July 20238:31:48 pm 
Wednesday16 August 202311:38:09 am 
Friday15 September 20233:39:47 am 
Saturday14 October 20237:55:07 pm [°]
Monday13 November 202310:27:22 am 
Wednesday13 December 202312:32:00 am 

Time specified in Central European Time (CET) or Summer Time (CEST)

[**] Total solar eclipse
[*] Partial solar eclipse
[°] Annular solar eclipse
[H] Hybrid solar eclipse
[+] Black Moon

Here you find information for calculating the exact time, in particular for countries outside Central Europe:

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